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I love to shift gears sometimes and create more playful graphic art and cards.  This all started when my daughter and I were volunteering at OWN, an injured wildlife rehabilitation center.  To help raise money for this group I decided to create a few holiday cards focused around some of critters they support.  One thing led to another and now I find myself doodling.  They do amazing work.  You can find more about them and offer support at this link. 

Happy Holidays

All of these cards are conjured up by pulling one liners from classic holiday songs. Click the pic to see more

Love in many forms

Valentines, anniversaries, celebrations, oh my!


I have certain creatures I have a fondness for a an asortment of reasons.  They are sometimes the peculiar sort.  With these I intentionally push myself away from expectations of myself by lifting my pen as little as possible and hardly really looking at what I am drawing as well.  It's quite enjoyable.  


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